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    A roof in excellent condition is a critical part of maintaining your house’s appearance and its structural integrity. And because Barrie homeowners want their houses to look great and provide sanctuary for their family and loved ones, they need a reputable roofing company when repairs or maintenance is concerned. 

    As a fully-insured and trusted provider of roofing services, Roof Pro Plus makes it their mission to provide Barrie residents with reliable roofing services. We use only the highest quality products, and we get the job right the first time.

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    The Best Roofers in Barrie

    Barrie residents take pride in their homes, with good reason. Nestled on the lovely shores of Lake Simcoe, Barrie bathes in the beauty of Southern Ontario. Homes in the Barrie area are picturesque, a testament to the dedicated residents of the area.

    Roof Pro Plus offers a full suite of roofing services to provide everything you need for your home. Our team of qualified roofing contractors will deliver beautiful results that last a lifetime.

    Whether it is a new construction nearing completion, a recently built house in need of minor repairs or a house that has been in your family for generations that needs a roof replacement, Roof Pro Plus provides the following services:

    • Free roofing inspection services and advice
    • Roof replacements
    • New roof installation
    • Emergency roofing repairs
    • Removal of old roofing prior to installations
    • Skylight installation
    • Installation of additional water barriers
    • Addition of winter guard paper
    • Ice dam removal and prevention
    • Installation of new flashing in areas prone to leaks
    • Eavestrough and soffit installation and repair
    • Attic insulation installation
    • Worksite cleanup

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    New Roofing with Beautiful Results

    Roof Pro Plus uses only the most durable and reliable roofing products. To make sure that your roof is up to the standard of the rest of your home, we use Owens Corning Shingles.

    Owens Corning Shingles are widely considered to be the best in the industry. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty with 10-Year Tru PROtection® Coverage, these high-quality laminate shingles are designed to withstand even the most rugged Canadian weather. Their quality and durability makes them perfect for new roof installations because they will withstand the test of time.  

    These shingles get their rich colour from a blend of granules that can be adjusted to coordinate with the rest of your home’s exterior elements, like the paint, siding, brick or stone. These products are ideal for new roofs and roof replacements because they permit virtually any kind of motif. 

    No matter what kind of exterior decor elements you want your house to have, you can trust the leading team in roofing in Barrie to make sure that your new roof looks great for years and years.

    If you are looking for a roofer in Barrie, call Roof Pro Plus today (1-888-677-7757) or fill out our online quote request form to start your roof replacement or new roof installation. 

    The Importance of Roofing

    When you take care of your roof, you’re also taking care of your home and your family. If you neglect your roofing, you leave your home vulnerable to problems like leaks, corrosion and water damage. 

    Over time, exposure to the elements undermines the structural integrity of your roof. And most people underestimate the resulting risks to their property and their family. The health risks presented by mold accumulation are significant, and a deteriorating roof can cause property values to plummet. But these problems are preventable.

    By investing in your roofing now, you can save yourself and your family some huge costs and potential health risks.

    Preventing roofing problems is the key to avoiding big repairs down the line. To identify potential roofing issues, Roof Pro Plus offers FREE roofing inspections at NO obligation, so you can make informed decisions about how to address whatever roofing issues you might be facing.

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    Emergency Roofing Repair 

    Extreme weather poses a serious risk to your home’s roofing; high winds and falling branches can quickly cause catastrophic damage. But in most cases, roofing emergencies result from less conspicuous causes, such as:

    • Broken or missing shingles
    • Curling or buckling shingle edges
    • Deteriorating flashing 

    These are just a few of the roofing problems you might not be able to see at first glance, but that a roofing pro would notice right away. They’ll also be able to tell if you have inadequate insulation underneath the roof, which can lead to a host of roofing problems including ice build-up at the eaves during periods of rapid freezing and thawing.

    The fact is, by the time roofing leaks become evident, one or more of these issues are likely to blame, which is why you should only call qualified roofers. Barrie is well-served by our emergency roofing crews who are fully equipped and trained to diagnose and repair leaks under the worst possible conditions.

    If you are in need of emergency roofing repair service, our experienced Barrie roofing team will be there when you need them. As Fall Arrest trained professionals, our roofing team will quickly and safely diagnose your roofing problems and make the necessary repairs. For emergency roofing repairs and consultation, call us at 1-888-677-7757

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    Why Choose Us?

    Roof Pro Plus Home Improvements South has over two decades of experience in the Greater Toronto Area, is fully insured, and possesses a guaranteed workmanship warranty of 10 years. These characteristics are clear indicators that Roof Pro Plus Home Improvements South is qualified to complete nearly any residential project. However, this beloved local institution also boasts rare, impressive qualities that have contributed to their widespread consumer popularity throughout the region and meteoric rise to the top if the industry.

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    Shingle Warranty

    Roof Pro Plus Home Improvements South has over two decades of experience in the Greater Toronto Area, is fully qualities that have contributed to their widespread consumer popularity throughout the region and meteoric rise to the top if the industry.

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