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Looking For A Professional Roofer?

Roof Pro Plus is the Most Trusted Name in Roofing

Finding a consummate professional in the roofing industry is not an easy task. Unfortunately, the construction industry has gained a bad reputation for leaving customers with poor workmanship, high costs, and lengthy work periods. A professional roofer may seem like a very difficult thing to find, but Roof Pro Plus is the only name you will ever need to know

Roof Pro Plus is a family-owned company that has built an incredibly strong tradition of professional roofers. This 20 year long tradition was founded on ideals of extreme attention to detail, extraordinary workmanship, and the highest customer service. These are the principles of a professional roofer, and these principles are applied by every member of the Roof Pro Plus team with every customer we have the pleasure of working for.

Professional Roofers, Never Subcontracted

How do we provide the most professional roofing services in the entire industry? The answer is simple: every minute of work is done by our own Roof Pro Plus team. Unfortunately, the roofing industry is filled with companies that outsource their own work to subcontractors in order to complete more projects and earn more profit. Their “professional” roofing services are not completed by trusted members of their own team, and the workmanship often suffers greatly.

Roof Pro Plus will never sacrifice quality for quantity. We take pride in every single project, and we would not trust our reputation as the most professional roofers in the industry for profit. We do not trust subcontractors with our name, why would you trust them with your own home? To be a truly professional roofing company, we believe there must be an extremely high level of trust between customer and roofer. This trust is built from the ground up, and it all begins with the principles with which our company was founded.

Our emphasis on customer service, amazing attention to detail, and spectacular workmanship has earned Roof Pro Plus the trusted reputation as true professional roofers. We never use subcontractors, so you can be sure that the roofer working on your treasured home will be experienced, intelligent, and an expert in the industry: the consummate professional.

Contacting your Residential Roofer at the Right Time

Know When and Who to Call When you Need Roofing Help

Every homeowner must have a fundamental understanding of how a house operates, as well as the maintenance required for key areas. The roof is one of the most important components of the home, protecting your family from the harsh, unforgiving weather of winter. Because of the roof’s importance, it is essential to know a professional residential roofer who can analyze, diagnose, and fix potential hazards before they become disasters. However, it is equally vital that a homeowner understands exactly when to call their trusted residential roofer.

There are a few things our residential roofing experts recommend looking out for when examining the state of your roof. The first key is loose or missing shingles, which are a telltale sign that your roof may be in need of repair. Along these same lines, an increased amount of granules from these shingles can be a sign of disrepair.

Other common signs that your residential roofer will look for are physical disfigurements in the shingles themselves. There can be brittleness found in older shingles, as well as curling and bending in the physical structure. Our residential roofing experts would also recommend looking for blistering or rotting caused by moisture in the roof, and in some cases, a buildup of algae present. The roof may seem like a difficult entity to understand, but these basic signs will help you determine when to call your local residential roofer.

When the Time Comes to Call your Residential Roofer

When your roof is in need of repair, you will want to select a residential roofer who is fully licensed, is an expert in the roofing industry, and provides high-quality, fully-guaranteed work. In short, for your trusted residential roofer, your best choice is Roof Pro Plus.

We are dedicated to our customers, care deeply about every project we undertake, and only employ residential roofers with decades of experience in the industry. Roof Pro Plus will never subcontract projects like most companies, and all of our work is completed by our own residential roofing experts.

If you are in need of a residential roofer, look no further. We are at the ready for you and your family, and can be entrusted with the care of one of the most vital aspects of your home. Our reputation is unrivaled, our residential roofers unmatched in skill and expertise. Roof Pro Plus is the residential roofer you have been waiting for.

We are Here for You, Ready to Help Anytime

The Roof Pro Plus team are true local roofing professionals, with over 20 of years experience dedicated to serving our neighbours and friends in the beautiful area surrounding Toronto. Entrusting the care of your roof to others is no small task, and we take it with the highest degree of trust and responsibility. Roof Pro Plus is not simply a company of consummate roofing professionals. We are local roofers and understand the area through years of quality work and a deep connection to the community.

Our reputation as local roofing professionals does not simply come  from our 10 year workmanship guarantee, our attention to detail, and our expertly-trained staff. We use only the highest-quality materials and precise methodology that suits our harsh climate perfectly. Due to our understanding of the stresses and burdens of our Canadian ecosystem, we are able to ensure that your home is fully protected from the elements and can stand up to the harshest winters. This type of expertise is rare and can only be found in true local roofing professionals.

Our Homegrown Dedication to Service

At Roof Pro Plus, we fully understand and take pride in the fact that we are protecting the homes of our neighbours, friends, and loved ones. We love and care for our community, and this is a huge reason we refuse to use subcontractors. Our staff has a deep-seeded relationship with our community, and we trust our work only to those who share our hometown respect and ideals.

Roof Pro Plus proudly serves the following areas:

Richmond Hill
North York
Kawartha Lakes
Port Perry

We have grown immensely over the decades that we have served these beautiful areas, but we will always maintain the homegrown nature of true local roofing professionals. We treat each project with unique care and a skilled hand, and make sure each customer is fully satisfied throughout the process. Our 10 year workmanship guarantee ensures that we will always be there to help with any type of unforeseen circumstance. You are always in good hands with a local roofing professional, and we will be here for you, serving our community, for a very long time.

Why Roof Pro Plus Employs the Best Roofing Team in the Industry

Roof Pro Plus has become one of the most respected roofing companies in the business, consistently delivering extraordinary work with efficiency and professionalism. However, this alone is not enough to become considered the best roofing company in the area. Our customers provide us with glowing reviews and powerful testimonials that exemplify our proven track record, but there are also concrete reasons why we are considered the very best roofing company for our community.

The way Roof Pro Plus conducts business is a wonderful way to examine our success and vaunted reputation as one of the very best roofing companies. We provide a 10 year workmanship guarantee at the outset of a project, which means we stand fully behind every piece of work we complete. Our “complete roofing system” was developed by our highly skilled and trained staff to offer the perfect blend of materials for our rough Canadian climate. This system has proven time and time again to be a rare combination of durability and strength that is unrivaled in our area. Finally, our fully uniformed and trained staff are dedicated to upholding the highest degree of professionalism through every project. These basic tenants that we express throughout our company has provided us with the tools necessary to become the best roofing company possible.

Other Aspects of the Best Roofing Company in the Business

Choosing a roofing contractor can be a scary undertaking, and very risky if you do not know what to look out for. The best roofing companies are rare, and this distinction only applies to a handful of organizations. Unfortunately, the industry runs rampant with fraud and shoddy workmanship, but we are here to warn you against some of the pitfalls of employing the wrong roofing company.

The best roofing companies are fully insured against workplace injury so you are fully protected in the event of an accident. Our 10 year workmanship guarantee is vital to roofing security, but it is backed by our long history in the area. If a company does not have much experience your region, they may not be around when you need assistance. An office or storefront location is also key, as the best roofing companies always have a business location. Finally, make sure your roofing company uses only the best suppliers, so the materials used in the protection of your roof are top-quality.

It is easy to see why Roof Pro Plus is considered the best roofing company in the area. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and have done so throughout our history. We learned the hallmarks of great roofing companies early in our history, and have fully dedicated ourselves to these ideals to this very day.