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The Roof Pro + Products

Advanced Protection for the Modern Age

The modern roof is not only extremely important for home protection, it is also quite complex. At it’s outward appearance, a roof simply seems to be a collection of shingles properly fitted to the exterior of the home. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the roof is a system of interconnected components all working in harmony. When one of theseA man installing shingles components is not installed correctly or is malfunctioning, the results can be devastating. This is especially true of our Ontario homes, which are located in one of the most beautiful areas of the world, but can also be hit with major weather events every year. A strong, functioning roofing system is of the highest importance, which is why a homeowner would do well to select the best roofing company and professional roofer available.

For the greater Ontario area, this professional roofing company is Roof Pro +. With a team of experts possessing decades of experience in the area, they know exactly how important roofing is to the protection of your home, and use this expertise to provide the best service on the market. Beyond their expert knowledge of installation processes and ability to analyze any roofing situation for maintenance purposes, they understand the industry and which products are most effective. With roofing, as well as many other industries, the raw materials are the foundation for any quality product. Furthermore, the products used in the Roof Pro + system are time and stress tested for maximum reliability. Not only are these expert roofing professionals masters of installation, they use only the finest materials available.

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The Great Need for and Benefits of Attic Insulation

Energy and Money-Saving Opportunity for 7 Million CanadiansAttic insulation

There are far too many in this country that do not have attic insulation, though this is changing quickly. As technology advances and energy costs increase due to limited resources, more and more Canadians are finally seeing attic insulation as a necessity instead of a luxury. While there is an initial cost associated with attic insulation, the long term benefits are absolutely outstanding, and are well worth the proactive purchase. The skilled professionals at Roof Pro + may be experts in roofing, but they also excel in attic insulation as well, and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Insulating your attic is the number one way to lower the cost of your monthly power bill. When one weighs this fact against the truth that 7 million Canadians do not have attic insulation, the reality is mind-boggling. Everyone wants to save money on their energy bill, and this is especially true during the rugged winter months here in Ontario. One reason so many citizens do not have attic insulation is the fact that it may be difficult to tell if a home has the appropriate level of insulation in the first place. A homeowner can inspect an attic and not have the expertise to understand if they are hemorrhaging money by not having the proper insulation.

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