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An Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

Your Expert Ontario Roofers and so Much More

Preferred Contractor - Owens Corning
Preferred Contractor – Owens Corning

Roof Pro+ has received many honors and awards throughout our long and storied history as the expert roofing specialists of the Ontario area. We take each certification and accolade as a great honor, a tribute to our service for our community, our friends and neighbors. Many new roofing clients take these awards to mean that we are held in high esteem not only by our customers, but by other roofing experts throughout the country as well. Perhaps no award or distinction has meant more to us here at Roof Pro+ than the Owens Corning Preferred Contractor certification.

Awarded to Roof Pro+ in December of 2011, the Owens Corning Preferred Contractor certification is bestowed only upon those who have proven to be absolute experts in the roofing industry, serving their customers and clients safely and reliably for many years. This distinction is only given to the most highly regarded organizations in the roofing business, and is done so by invitation only. We are proud carriers of this high honor, and hold ourselves to the incredibly high standards that this award merits.

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The Most Reliable Emergency Roofing in Ontario

Roof Pro+ is Ontario’s Expert Home Roofing Guardians

Emergency Roofing Guardian
Emergency Roofing Guardian

Roof Pro+ is Ontario’s choice for everything roofing. This includes diagnosis, repair, and emergency services. While we do everything we can to encourage our long-standing and loyal clients to take special care of their roof and pay ultimate attention this time of year, sometimes the unexpected occurs. While regular maintenance and calling your local roofing experts for an inspection can greatly reduce your risk of a collapse or other major disaster, the Canadian winter can be brutal, and this season may be one of the worst in recent memory.

If mega hurricane Sandy is any indication, this winter season is going to be a very long one with many dangers that lie ahead. As those who own homes in the rugged region of Ontario, we are no strangers to these weather-based realities. Living in one of the most beautiful natural areas in the world has its cost, and a harsh winter season can be very tough on our roofs. Roof Pro+ will always be a call away, and diagnosing minor problems before the winter storm season kicks into full gear should be on the top list of your priorities as a homeowner. However, some major problems can happen swiftly with little warning in such a rugged climate, and we will be there with expert roofing guidance and expertise when you need us.

24/7, 365 Emergency Roofing Services for Ontario

In the upcoming winter season, please keep our information handy because we are on call for you anytime should a major roof disaster occur. Beyond simply being ever-present in the event of an emergency in our beloved but dangerous Ontario winter, we will never charge you an extra fee for our round-the-clock services. We love our community, and are not in the business of punishing it for an unexpected event. Roof Pro+ will be here for you and yours through any roofing event, any time, throughout the winter months.

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Hurricane Sandy Marks Start of Brutal Winter Season

Snow, Rain, and High Winds Cause for Roofing Concern

Brutal Winter - Is Your Roof Prepared
Brutal Winter - Is Your Roof Prepared

When the expert meteorologists claimed earlier this year that this season could be a harsh one for Ontario, they seemed to have made an accurate prediction. The first major hurricane of winter is quickly approaching the United States eastern seaboard, and this monstrous hurricane will have an effect on parts of southern and eastern Ontario. This means a special danger for homes in need of roofing maintenance and repair.

We are no strangers to harsh winter weather, but 2012 poses a special type of threat, the likes of which we will see in the earlier parts of next week. While it is too early to tell if hurricane Sandy will cause major snow in the area, heavy winds and rains are expected to hit the area early next week. Roof Pro + recommends constant roof attention to ensure that a major disaster does not occur, but this will be especially important over the coming months. Now is the time to call your local roofing experts, and we are only a phone call away.

Our roofing specialists are specifically trained in all aspects of special Canadian roofing concerns, which are specialized due to our harsh winter hurricane and storm season. Far too many homeowners do not think of their roofing when preparing for this season, and we are here to inform you of the special measures that need to be taken before a major meteorological event occurs.

Roof Pro + offers roof diagnosis, maintenance, and repair services all year round, and we are here to service the Ontario community when you are in need. Furthermore, we offer special disaster roof services in the case of a collapse or other major event. We do not charge extra for our roofing specialty in these events, because it is impossible to predict the future. However, we can prepare for it. If your roof is in need of any type of maintenance, please call us today before it is too late.