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Roofing Professionals Invaluable for Summer Olympics

London Undergoes Massive Transformation for 2012, Will Toronto Follow?

The Summer Olympics are underway, and the entire world watches as their prospective athletes compete for glory in the city of London. However, in order to host such a global event, a city must make drastic changes to its skyline, and roofing professionals are an absolute necessity for these changes. Without city professionals who specialize in roofing, the structures built for these titanic events would be very hazardous, endangering the lives of olympians and spectators alike.

This is of special interest for our Greater Toronto Area, as we consider a bid for the 2024 olympics.

There is renewed interest for the Olympic games in Toronto, as well as a bid for the 2025 World’s Expo. There is no doubt that our beautiful region would be perfect for these events, but roofing professionals must be utilized for the safety of the attendees, as many of these structures will be built solely for the event. We have just recently seen the effects of improper roofing practices in Toronto, as a roof collapse at a Radiohead performance led to the death of a crew member.

Toronto is already slated to host the 2015 Pan American/Parapan American Games. In just three years time, there will be a massive influx of travelers from around the world. Through the help of roofing professionals, we are already preparing for it. This is wonderful news, as any roofer will tell you, as it allows the city to professionally plan and take as many safety precautions as possible. This is especially true in the case of roofing, and reminds us all to perform regular maintenance on our roofs.

Even though a structure has been secure for many years does not mean that your roof is immune from harm. In fact, this is usually the opposite of the truth, for the longer your house stands, the more likely your roof has worn and is in need of repair. These olympic structures may be newly built, but they have been completed under the watchful eye of true roofing professionals.

Toronto Summer Storm Causes Flooding and Road Closures

Roof Pro Plus Advises to Keep Close Eye on Roofing Health

Last week, a powerful thunderstorm ravaged the Greater Toronto Area, wreaking havoc on roadways by causing flooding and road closures. The most obvious damage to our region came in the form of a massive downpour, but the strong gusts of wind caused damage to many homes, especially local families’ roofing structures.

The city is now looking into improving our local sewer system in order to better protect our citizens from the dangers of flooding and future storms. Roof Pro Plus encourages everyone living in the area to keep a close eye on the condition of their roofs, and to look for any potential damage caused by the recent storm.

Any visible damage can be a potential threat, as our rugged Canadian climate is prone to many changes in the season, highlighted by this most recent summer storm. We must be more careful than other regions because our roofing is exposed to such extreme weather conditions. The most common damages to your roof will come in the form of blown off shingles or damaged eaves. Both parts of your roof are put under extreme pressure during a storm that is heavy with rain and wind.

These may seem like minor aesthetic problems, but can often be a sign of deeper damage. Never take surface damage at face value, and we advise calling your local professional roofing specialists if you have any doubt of the overall condition of your roof.

Roof Pro Plus is always available to diagnose potential problems, and we encourage you to seek our advice if there has been any damage caused by the recent storm. This storm is only one of many, and even if the damage seems aesthetic in nature, there is no telling what the next meteorological event will bring.

Roofing Repairs

Don’t let the Harsh Canadian Elements put your Roof in Disrepair

Having a roof in disrepair is dangerous for both your family and your home in any location, but the brutal Canadian climate makes this all the more perilous. Most of the public doesn’t know the intricacies of roof management or the dangers of living in a home that is in need of serious roofing repair. The roof seems like background maintenance, only to be paid attention when there are obvious signs of wear. However, as anyone who has gone through a roofing collapse or similar disaster will tell you, keeping your roof current with the proper repairs is of vital importance.

The key to roof maintenance is a relationship with a trusted professional roofer in your area. If you live outside of the Greater Toronto Area, you can check online reviews, ask for advice from friends, and call your local roofing companies for suggestions. However, for the GTA, Roof Pro Plus is the only choice for a professional roofer. With decades of experience in our region and the most detail-oriented staff available, we have developed relationships with countless families across the region.

Once you have found a trusted roofer that you have developed good rapport with, you can get updates and repair work done with less cost and hassle. The relationship allows your roofer to become very well-acquainted with your residence, your budget, and your needs. Most homeowners are reluctant to call a roofer for minor repairs because of the potential cost. When you have a relationship with your personal roofer, it is much easier to receive detailed information quickly, a diagnosis of the overall health of your roof without being sold unnecessary repairs.

Roof Pro Plus offers a myriad of roofing repair services for the residential homeowner. We repair blown off shingles, replace and re-seal metal flashings, re-insulate attics, and install new downpipes or additional roof vents. We also unclog downpipes, repair damage caused by wildlife, and remove damage caused by the elements, such as snow or ice. Please call Roof Pro Plus today, and have your roof diagnosed by trusted professional roofers at a fraction of the cost.

Canada’s Best Roofing Company Delivers Every Time

Canada’ best roofing company was not built in a day, and the best team in the business did not learn the nuances of roofing from one project. Roof Pro Plus became the most trusted name in roofing for the greater Toronto area through of years of dedicated service and hands-on experience. To be heralded as “Canada’s best roofing company” is a great honor, and Roof Pro Plus has the portfolio and necessary skills to back it up. We offer every roofing service you can imagine, and provide each of these services with the highest degree of quality and professionalism.

Canada’s best roofing company does not specialize in one aspect of the industry, it specializes in every aspect of the industry. We of course offer roof replacement, roof repairs, and brand new roof construction. Every top-tier professional roofing company offers these services. However, where our competitors fall short, Roof Pro Plus truly shows why we are considered by many to be Canada’s best roofing company.

Roof Pro Plus provides services that simply go beyond the expertise of the average professional roofer. In addition to complete roof overhaul, we specialize in soffit and eavestrough gutter repair and replacement, flat roofing services, and skylight installation. No matter the project, no matter how unique you believe your roofing needs to be, we will deliver on all fronts for you. Roof Pro Plus does not turn down a special project. We see it as an opportunity to use our extensive set of skills to the highest degree for you and your family. Let us show you why Roof Pro Plus is the trusted name for the greater Toronto area and has cause to be named Canada’s best roofing company.

Your Roof and the Toronto Summer Heat

Changes in Temperature Cause Stress to your Roof

Can you feel the heat? The city of Toronto issued a heat wave warning early Thursday, in anticipation of “oven-like” temperatures that you are no doubt experiencing this very moment. Roofing companies all across the greater Toronto area will advise you to take extra care of your roof during this time, especially if your roof has pre-existing damage.

Yesterday’s 2 pm high of 32 degrees slammed the city and surrounding area, as the heat reached nearly 50 percent above normal temperature. Last week, the area was hotter than the Sahara, and this is not an uncommon occurrence. The harsh Toronto climate can be intense in both Summer and Winter, with massive temperature fluctuations over the course of these seasons. These fluctuations are very tough on your roof, and the heat and moisture can cause the materials to expand and retract.

At Roof Pro Plus, we want to implore you to pay extra careful attention to the condition of your roof during these periods of intense weather. We are a roofing company that wants to make sure our clients are well-informed and are prepared for the maintenance involved in taking care of a roof. We are also always available to diagnose problem areas or locations of weather damage. If you have the slightest concern about your roof, please call or request a free estimate today! Toronto’s best roofing company is at the ready, even in the midst of a brutal heatwave.