Canada’s Best Roofing Company Delivers Every Time

Canada’ best roofing company was not built in a day, and the best team in the business did not learn the nuances of roofing from one project. Roof Pro Plus became the most trusted name in roofing for the greater Toronto area through of years of dedicated service and hands-on experience. To be heralded as “Canada’s best roofing company” is a great honor, and Roof Pro Plus has the portfolio and necessary skills to back it up. We offer every roofing service you can imagine, and provide each of these services with the highest degree of quality and professionalism.

Canada’s best roofing company does not specialize in one aspect of the industry, it specializes in every aspect of the industry. We of course offer roof replacement, roof repairs, and brand new roof construction. Every top-tier professional roofing company offers these services. However, where our competitors fall short, Roof Pro Plus truly shows why we are considered by many to be Canada’s best roofing company.

Roof Pro Plus provides services that simply go beyond the expertise of the average professional roofer. In addition to complete roof overhaul, we specialize in soffit and eavestrough gutter repair and replacement, flat roofing services, and skylight installation. No matter the project, no matter how unique you believe your roofing needs to be, we will deliver on all fronts for you. Roof Pro Plus does not turn down a special project. We see it as an opportunity to use our extensive set of skills to the highest degree for you and your family. Let us show you why Roof Pro Plus is the trusted name for the greater Toronto area and has cause to be named Canada’s best roofing company.

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