Your Roof and the Toronto Summer Heat

Changes in Temperature Cause Stress to your Roof

Can you feel the heat? The city of Toronto issued a heat wave warning early Thursday, in anticipation of “oven-like” temperatures that you are no doubt experiencing this very moment. Roofing companies all across the greater Toronto area will advise you to take extra care of your roof during this time, especially if your roof has pre-existing damage.

Yesterday’s 2 pm high of 32 degrees slammed the city and surrounding area, as the heat reached nearly 50 percent above normal temperature. Last week, the area was hotter than the Sahara, and this is not an uncommon occurrence. The harsh Toronto climate can be intense in both Summer and Winter, with massive temperature fluctuations over the course of these seasons. These fluctuations are very tough on your roof, and the heat and moisture can cause the materials to expand and retract.

At Roof Pro Plus, we want to implore you to pay extra careful attention to the condition of your roof during these periods of intense weather. We are a roofing company that wants to make sure our clients are well-informed and are prepared for the maintenance involved in taking care of a roof. We are also always available to diagnose problem areas or locations of weather damage. If you have the slightest concern about your roof, please call or request a free estimate today! Toronto’s best roofing company is at the ready, even in the midst of a brutal heatwave.

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