Toronto Summer Storm Causes Flooding and Road Closures

Roof Pro Plus Advises to Keep Close Eye on Roofing Health

Last week, a powerful thunderstorm ravaged the Greater Toronto Area, wreaking havoc on roadways by causing flooding and road closures. The most obvious damage to our region came in the form of a massive downpour, but the strong gusts of wind caused damage to many homes, especially local families’ roofing structures.

The city is now looking into improving our local sewer system in order to better protect our citizens from the dangers of flooding and future storms. Roof Pro Plus encourages everyone living in the area to keep a close eye on the condition of their roofs, and to look for any potential damage caused by the recent storm.

Any visible damage can be a potential threat, as our rugged Canadian climate is prone to many changes in the season, highlighted by this most recent summer storm. We must be more careful than other regions because our roofing is exposed to such extreme weather conditions. The most common damages to your roof will come in the form of blown off shingles or damaged eaves. Both parts of your roof are put under extreme pressure during a storm that is heavy with rain and wind.

These may seem like minor aesthetic problems, but can often be a sign of deeper damage. Never take surface damage at face value, and we advise calling your local professional roofing specialists if you have any doubt of the overall condition of your roof.

Roof Pro Plus is always available to diagnose potential problems, and we encourage you to seek our advice if there has been any damage caused by the recent storm. This storm is only one of many, and even if the damage seems aesthetic in nature, there is no telling what the next meteorological event will bring.

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