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The Unique Characteristics of Roof Pro +

The Rare Qualities of Toronto’s Trusted Roofing Company

The process of searching for a professional roofing organization to repair your home should involve a careful, in-depth analysis of many different factors. Your roof is a skyward guardian, a family protector against the elements that should only be maintained by reliable industry experts. This is of particular importance for residents of the Greater Toronto Area, who experience rugged, unforgiving Winter months year after year. There are a few quick questions you can ask in order to get a basic understanding of a roofing company’s qualifications, such as:

  • How long have they been in business?

  • Does the roofing company carry insurance? What types?

  • What is the workmanship warranty of this organization?

Essential inquires such as these should always be made before signing a contract and allowing a roofing company to work on your home. This basic information will determine whether or not a business is qualified, but finding decent roofers is very different than finding the very best.

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Roof Pro + Has the Best Customers (and Reviews) Around

Near-Perfect 9.8 out of 10 Rating with Homestars Renovator Reviews

Here at Roof Pro, we absolutely adore our roofing customers and think we have some of the best in the world. The roofing industry can be a tough one, as we are industry professionals who are responsible for ensuring the safety of entire families because the roof is the environmental protector of the home. This is something we have done for decades, and we take our duties as a roofing company very seriously. We are also lucky enough to be serving the Toronto community, who have showed us unwavering support and loyalty over the many years we have been in business.

This loyalty and respect for our skill and experience in the roofing industry is felt every time we get a thank you phone call, email, or just firm appreciation at the end of a large project. However, this customer service and support can most explicitly seen online in the many glowing user-reviews that can be found on Homestars, a renovator review website that is the most widely used in the business.

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The Summer is Officially Here with North American Heatwave

A Reminder About Roof Maintenance and Inspection

Summer is here already, and some are rejoicing at the chance to enjoy sunny days in the park and backyard parties with loved ones. However, the entirety of North America was struck with a heatwave last week that required cooling stations to be opened throughout the Toronto area, providing water and snacks to those in need. The public often thinks of roofing and roof maintenance during the harsh winter months, but the intense heat can also cause great strain on your roofing system as well.

The local roofing experts here at Roof Pro + want all of the citizens of Toronto to be safe and secure during this time, and make sure your roof is in perfect condition. Harsh rain, wind, and snow are certainly great threats to the health of your roofing, but the intense heat and moisture will cause stress and damage as well. If you believe that your roof is already in a critical condition, the summer heat could be the last straw, causing great damage to your home.

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Choosing the Best Roofing Company Available

Roofing Professionals Should be Experienced, Educated, and Well-Reviewed

There are many options to choose from when trying to select the best roofing company possible for the protection of your home, and we are overwhelmed and ecstatic that so many residents keep coming back to us season after season. Our loyal customers cite several reasons for their loyalty, including efficiency, trustworthiness, and ability to communicate and be responsive to a client’s needs. Roof Pro + is rated very highly by the community, but it is important to understand why we consider ourselves the best roofing company to meet your needs.

Overall Experience

Experience is everything in the roofing industry, indeed nearly all construction and renovation companies should be heavily seasoned with years of work in the field. Roof Pro + has spent decades in the community, working with the same loyal customers, working on homes that have been there the entire time. We know the region and the weather conditions that change so much over the course of one year.

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Staying on the Cutting Edge of Roofing Science

Studying the Latest Advancements in the Roofing Industry

Roof Pro + may be experts in the field with the experience that is required to become known as Toronto’s best roofing company. However, this does not mean we are set in our ways or refuse to learn new things about roofing and building science. In fact, we have made it a top priority to stay constantly educated and updated with respect to technological changes in the field. Our President, Chris Hasenauer, is the roofing expert and leading authority on the current industry trends and knowledge on the scientific side of the business.

One important aspect of roofing education is understanding exactly how a manufacturer instructs the contractor to install their product. A roofing warranty is a very valuable thing, securing your home financially in an unfortunate event. However, this warranty can become null and void if the roofing system is not installed correctly! Contractors must know precisely what the manufacturer says about installation and follow the directions. Roof Pro + studies this intensely, and always make sure the work is installed properly. The difference between a roof lasting 10 years with good installation and 30 years with excellent installation can be minor, which is why attention to detail and following manufacturer instruction is so very important.

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The Professional Roofer’s Guide to Ultimate Protection

Roof Pro + and the Complete Roofing System

Roof Pro + has been your trusted professional roofer in the Ontario area for over three decades. Over this course of time, they have developed some of the most effective methods for total protection, tailored perfectly to the harsh Canadian climate. Newer professional roofers that are just starting out in the industry may have somewhat efficient techniques for roof protection and maintenance, but Roof Pro + has perfected these strategies for decades, resulting in a time-tested strategy called the Complete Roofing System.

The Complete Roofing System works so effectively, the process can serve as a massive benefit to nearly any residential home across the globe. However, their expertise in the Ontario and Newmarket areas make them the ideal candidate as your professional roofer. If a home has had a catastrophic roofing event or you are thinking of purchasing entirely new roofing, the Complete Roofing System comes highly recommended, with rave reviews coming from many satisfied customers.

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Roof Pro + and their Ecstatic Customer Base

One of the Most Well-Reviewed Businesses in the Roofing Industry

“Shocking” is the perfect term to describe the customer reviews submitted by those who have used the services of Roof Pro +. These reviews are not shocking because they tell a negative tale about the company, they are shocking because I have never before seen a company so universally praised for their services.

Homestars is an organization that ranks contracting companies based on reviews that are submitted by verified customers of a particular company. Roof Pro + has long be viewed as a quality company that does everything in their power to ensure customer satisfaction. They have been in business since 1978 in the Ontario area, and are known as the consummate roofing professionals, leaders and experts in their field. This reputation is stellar, but these reviews are astounding even for this already polished roofing reputation. Continue reading Roof Pro + and their Ecstatic Customer Base

The Roof Pro + Products

Advanced Protection for the Modern Age

The modern roof is not only extremely important for home protection, it is also quite complex. At it’s outward appearance, a roof simply seems to be a collection of shingles properly fitted to the exterior of the home. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the roof is a system of interconnected components all working in harmony. When one of these components is not installed correctly or is malfunctioning, the results can be devastating. This is especially true of our Ontario homes, which are located in one of the most beautiful areas of the world, but can also be hit with major weather events every year. A strong, functioning roofing system is of the highest importance, which is why a homeowner would do well to select the best roofing company and professional roofer available.

For the greater Ontario area, this professional roofing company is Roof Pro +. With a team of experts possessing decades of experience in the area, they know exactly how important roofing is to the protection of your home, and use this expertise to provide the best service on the market. Beyond their expert knowledge of installation processes and ability to analyze any roofing situation for maintenance purposes, they understand the industry and which products are most effective. With roofing, as well as many other industries, the raw materials are the foundation for any quality product. Furthermore, the products used in the Roof Pro + system are time and stress tested for maximum reliability. Not only are these expert roofing professionals masters of installation, they use only the finest materials available.

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The Great Need for and Benefits of Attic Insulation

Energy and Money-Saving Opportunity for 7 Million Canadians

There are far too many in this country that do not have attic insulation, though this is changing quickly. As technology advances and energy costs increase due to limited resources, more and more Canadians are finally seeing attic insulation as a necessity instead of a luxury. While there is an initial cost associated with attic insulation, the long term benefits are absolutely outstanding, and are well worth the proactive purchase. The skilled professionals at Roof Pro + may be experts in roofing, but they also excel in attic insulation as well, and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Insulating your attic is the number one way to lower the cost of your monthly power bill. When one weighs this fact against the truth that 7 million Canadians do not have attic insulation, the reality is mind-boggling. Everyone wants to save money on their energy bill, and this is especially true during the rugged winter months here in Ontario. One reason so many citizens do not have attic insulation is the fact that it may be difficult to tell if a home has the appropriate level of insulation in the first place. A homeowner can inspect an attic and not have the expertise to understand if they are hemorrhaging money by not having the proper insulation.

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roofing owens corning

An Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

Your Expert Ontario Roofers and so Much More

Preferred Contractor - Owens Corning
Preferred Contractor – Owens Corning

Roof Pro+ has received many honors and awards throughout our long and storied history as the expert roofing specialists of the Ontario area. We take each certification and accolade as a great honor, a tribute to our service for our community, our friends and neighbors. Many new roofing clients take these awards to mean that we are held in high esteem not only by our customers, but by other roofing experts throughout the country as well. Perhaps no award or distinction has meant more to us here at Roof Pro+ than the Owens Corning Preferred Contractor certification.

Awarded to Roof Pro+ in December of 2011, the Owens Corning Preferred Contractor certification is bestowed only upon those who have proven to be absolute experts in the roofing industry, serving their customers and clients safely and reliably for many years. This distinction is only given to the most highly regarded organizations in the roofing business, and is done so by invitation only. We are proud carriers of this high honor, and hold ourselves to the incredibly high standards that this award merits.

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