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Roofing 101

Your Guide to the Basics of Roofing

The roofing professionals here at Roof Pro + never get tired of talking out the products, methods, and principles of this industry. While the consuming public may not think of roofing as an entertaining topic to discuss over wine on a Saturday evening, these residential roofing enthusiasts would love to speak about the subject any day of the week.

The veteran contractors of Roof Pro + would probably want to discuss roofing topics that may be a little advanced and esoteric for the average citizen. Instead of exploring “recent innovation in composite shingling,” we will run through some basic information that can provide homeowners with a more solid basis for understanding this vital aspect of their own properties.

1) What causes the most damage to my roof?

There are a ton of factors enter into the subject of roof disrepair. Common reasons for damage includes drastic shifts in temperature, changes in humidity, rain, intense sunlight, wind, snow, and hail. There is no universal primary cause for roof damage, and disrepair often occurs due to a combination of many different factors. It should be noted that major weather disasters can wreak havoc on roofing material and probably causes the most severe destruction in a shortest period of time.

2) How long does a new roof last?

Much like the first question, this does not have an easy, straightforward answer. The type and quality of the materials used to construct the roof, the experience of the roofing company hired to complete installation, the attention to detail utilized by the installer, the ventilation system, and the severity of the climate all play major roles in determining the lifespan of your roof.

3) Will houses in the same neighborhood be affected by major weather events to the same degree as my own?

This is a common question because homeowners will wonder why a neighbor has had a roof collapse while their home remains intact. Even if both homeowners had the same type, quality, and strength of roofing material, climatic events can affect separate locations in vastly different ways, and this can be true even if two homes are adjacent to each other. However, after such a scenario, it would be advisable to contact a local roofing professional. Assessing the possibility of structural damage is important after a such an event because the impact may not be recognizable without a trained eye.

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