Your Professional Ontario Roofers

Roof Pro + loves to talk about our connection to the community. This is the basis of everything we do here, as we believe being professional roofers means more than completing projects for profit. We are servants of the community as roofers, responsible for the care of your roof and the protection of your family.

The Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association (OIRCA) is an organization of professional roofers that upholds the same values as Roof Pro + and we are proud to be glowing examples of their trustworthy and vaunted mission. The promotion of excellence and professionalism should be paramount in our industry, and our customers constantly rave about our ability to uphold these ideals.

In our professional roofing reviews, we have been told by the citizens of Ontario that we have an extreme dedication to detail and care deeply about each project we undertake. These have been our goals for over 25 years serving in the Ontario area, and we still carry these traditions on to this very day.

Ontario is a wonderful place filled with kind individuals and pristine natural landscapes. Unfortunately, we are also a very high-risk area with harsh winters and a rugged climate. This is why professionals in the roofing industry take their job so seriously. We are fully aware of the dangers associated with living in the elements, and ensure that your first line of defense is strong and unwavering. Roof Pro + is always available to you Ontario, so please do not hesitate to call any time. We provide emergency roof repairs and do not charge extra for this service because we know that you cannot expect the unexpected.

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