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Roofing Management and Winter Storms

Post-Tropical Storm Leslie Reminds Homeowners of Roofing Importance

Roofing Management and Winter Storms
Roofing Management and Winter Storms

Last month, post-tropical storm Leslie pounded Newfoundland, causing power outages, uprooted trees, and roof devastation. While those accustomed to the harsh Canadian climate are fully aware of these dangers, it serves as an important reminder of the necessity of proper roofing. Roofing maintenance and inspection should be performed regularly, especially with the prevalence and power of Canada’s rugged winter storms.

We live in a beautiful area of pristine wildlife and iconic winter views, but this majestic location can be very dangerous as well. In order to properly protect your home and family, proper roofing may be the most important aspect of living in the Ontario area. Disaster preparedness should be at the forefront of any homeowner’s mind, and roofing is at the top of this list. While backup power, emergency kits, and crisis planning are all important, having a durable and healthy roof may be the most essential factor during a crisis.

Far too many homeowners do not think about their roofing situation until it is too late. The roof is seen as an afterthought, an aspect of the home that only needs attention when there is a definite need for repair. Nothing could be further from the truth. Roofing is subjected to the harshest of the elements, constantly being tested, battered, and belted with harsh winter weather. Much like a vehicle, regular inspection and maintenance is necessary before real trouble occurs. If this is not done, a winter storm can become a calamity that may cost you thousands.

Roof Pro + is your Roofing Maintenance and Repair Experts

Regular roofing inspection and maintenance is our specialty, and we like to take a preventative approach with our clients. Roof Pro + places an emphasis on building a relationship with our clients and community, and our bottom line is not our only concern. We want to make sure you are safe and secure, especially with the impending winter months that can be rampant with danger. With our regular service and inspections, you can prevent a small problem from becoming a big one.

While we hope that you heed our warning and do not experience a disaster that requires emergency repair, we are always here for you should the need arise. We are available around the clock with emergency services, constantly on call for our community. Furthermore, we do not charge extra for this service, because we empathize with our clients. Experiencing a roofing disaster is devastating, and Roof Pro + will be there to take care of you, not charge you extra for going through a difficult time.